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Every week we try to post a song from our archives. It may be a live recording of our band when we played in New York,
a more recent recording from our current studio, or just something from our living room. We always try to mix it up to make it entertaining.
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"It's Time to Take Toad in Hand"
Adams & McDowell & Clark

"It's Time to Take Toad in Hand" is from our musical "The Wind In The Willows. This recording features the voices of Michael Poignand (Badger), Tim Fitzgerald (Rat), and Eric Collins (Mole), who, after learning that Toad has smashed seven motorcars, resolve to do something to help their wayward friend. Instrumentalists on this recording include Joe Carello, clarinet, Darryl Pugh, bass, and Larry Luttinger on drums. Dianne is on piano and Jim is on tenor horn and trumpet. Posted 6/30/13

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